Vincent Loh

Literary Figures on Campus

Vincent Loh explores what would happen if key literary figures chose to study on campus today…    Yeats on Monday Evening He walks the same way to class every morning. On the way back he always sees stray branches litter the pavements in front of the incomplete Second Coming of...
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Posted Apr. 10, 2018

Has open world gaming met its limits?

I beat a man to death with a baseball bat and steal his car, then squeal down the highway, earning the ire of the Los Santos Police Department as they take off after me. I’m rammed into the river, and shot to death as I surface for air. That is...
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Posted Dec. 14, 2017

Balancing comedy and tragedy: Twelfth Night Review

W . H. Auden once remarked that Twelfth Night was one of Shakespeare’s “unpleasant plays”, due to the comedic elements throughout the work being tightly interwoven with, and undercut by, the tragic and melancholic. The RSC’s latest adaptation of this classic beautifully captures its paradox of humour and tragedy. The production...
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Posted Nov. 27, 2017