Tooba Kazmi

Should art be returned?

For Galleries and museums have always been some of the most important ways to learn about art and history. Not only do these establishments have an undeniable educative significance, but they are extremely valuable to a country’s tourism industry.   From school trips to recreational trips, museums are frequented by...
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Posted Feb. 1, 2018

Unspoken struggles of Erasmus

In an ever closer global community, travelling has never been easier. But behind the charm of a year in sunny Spain, or the allure of authentic Italian gelato, there is a side to Erasmus that is not as glamorous. Moving to a foreign country brings with it a host of...
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Posted Nov. 13, 2017

Addressing the issue of free speech at universities

“This House Regrets No Platforming Policies at Universities” was the motion put forward at a debate hosted by Warwick Debating Union on 26 October. The panel included academics and activists, as well as a competitive debater; and judging from the turnout, this issue is of intrigue to many Warwick students....
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Posted Oct. 30, 2017