Simona Valeviciute

Do cats really love milk?

Whether you are a cat person or not, I’m sure you are well aware of the traditional image of a cat drinking milk. In fact, many people believe that milk is good for cats and that they may even need it. However, this is far from the truth – most...
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Posted Feb. 7, 2021

Why is Unicef feeding the UK’s children?

A domestic emergency response has been launched in the UK by UNICEF  to help feed the children worst affected by the Covid-19 crisis. According to the UN, the Coronavirus pandemic was the most serious crisis faced in the UK since the Second World War. As stated by the Labour Party,...
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Posted Feb. 1, 2021

Tokyo state of emergency casts Olympic Games in doubt

The Olympic Games are set to begin on 23 July 2021 after they were postponed due to the pandemic. Back in September, Japan’s Olympic Minister Seiko Hashimoto claimed the games will go ahead “at any cost”. However, with Japan declaring a state of emergency amid a rise in Covid-19 cases,...
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Posted Jan. 21, 2021

Small change, big impact: Charity shops

Charity shops are a great place to visit if you are on a budget or you are after some unique pieces. They also benefit very worthwhile causes such as Cancer Research UK and The British Heart Foundation. Alongside these obvious benefits, using charity shops can also have a very positive...
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Posted Dec. 28, 2020