Simona Valeviciute

Do eco-friendly Advent calendars exist?

Opening an Advent calendar is something that millions of kids look forward to each December. But with an extra three million tonnes of plastic waste being generated every festive season in the UK, is it time we switched out the plastic and opted for eco-friendly options instead? Advent calendars can...
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Posted Dec. 31, 2021

Is Adele ripping people off?

Are concert tickets getting too expensive? Simona Valeviciute puts the spotlight on Adele's eye-watering £90 tickets and argues why artists can't - and shouldn't - charge such exorbitant prices for concert tickets.
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Posted Nov. 26, 2021

Student Guide: Moving sustainably

As the academic year is about to start, many students are faced with the burdens that arise from having to pack up and relocate their lives. For many of us, this involves moving out of our family home. We all know moving can be a stressful experience, but did you...
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Posted Sep. 16, 2021