Simona Valeviciute

Science and Tech Explainer: Virus Evolution

Viruses are microscopic infectious agents which can only replicate when inside a host. They are dynamic; often evolving very rapidly. They may result in outbreaks or, in the worst case scenario, a pandemic. But how exactly do they evolve? Evolution in viruses Evolution is when a gene pool changes over...
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Posted May. 29, 2020

Blind date with a book: thriller

Simona Valeviciute tells us about a thriller novel that flitters between three different narrators and is full of twists and hidden secrets that are guaranteed to keep you on your toes
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Posted May. 27, 2020

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day

For the last 50 years, April 22nd has been known as Earth Day. This global initiative aims to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. It was primarily aimed at students but now has spread to all kinds of people all over the world. But how much has it...
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Posted May. 18, 2020

The dangerous spike in poaching levels due to the coronavirus

Since the coronavirus outbreak, poaching levels have risen dramatically, causing an increase in the illegal hunting and capturing of wild animals. Whether it involves hunters showing off their “trophies”, or selling body parts on the black market,  poaching poses a serious threat to endangered species and their habitats. The Wildlife...
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Posted May. 15, 2020

The rise in eco-friendly beauty products

Over recent years, as people have started to become more eco-conscious, companies have had to adapt their products to be more sustainable. The beauty industry, which is worth an estimated £27 billion, is no exception to this. Whilst there has been great progress, it can sometimes still be challenging to...
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Posted Apr. 24, 2020

A new wave of consequences for coral bleaching

Coral bleaching occurs when conditions such as temperature, light, or nutrients affect the symbiotic algae living in its tissues, causing them to turn completely white. However, greater than all natural causes are the effects of human activity. We’ve all seen pictures of colourful coral reefs from around the world, with...
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Posted Apr. 21, 2020

Small change, big impact: reusable vs. disposable bags

No one can deny that our reliance on single-use plastics is damaging the planet in more ways than one and whilst reusable bags seem to be a great alternative, the environmental costs of them often seem to go unnoticed.  There are several alternatives to single-use plastic bags. How sustainable the...
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Posted Apr. 14, 2020