Shingi Mararike

Sports Editor

Warwick unites for Alex Paul

It’s a wonderful thing to see Warwick rally, and every once in a while, behind a common cause we get to watch campus stand up as one. Whether raging against the “Warwick Aubergine” logo behind a petition consisting of 5,473 signatures; standing in united celebration at various graduation ceremonies; or...
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Posted Jan. 27, 2017

Any Questions? University and SU address pressing issues

An “Any Questions?” event was held last night on 23 January, where student questions were put to and answered by members of Warwick Students’ Union (SU) and the University of Warwick’s senior management team. Vice-Chancellor (VC) Stuart Croft and Registrar Rachel Sandby-Thomas represented the University, whilst SU President Luke Pilot...
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Posted Jan. 24, 2017

Dane Baptiste interview: “The revolution will be streamed”

On February 28 this year, in perhaps the most anticipated Academy Awards opening monologue of recent times, Chris Rock stepped on the stage. Dressed to kill in a plush white tuxedo, with that trademark grin plastered across his lips, he proceeded to use his razor sharp wit to break down...
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Posted Oct. 23, 2016