Lucy Skoulding

The Body Holiday series: A review

Are you looking for a fresh new read? Do you like the sound of sci-fi mixed with realism, romance entangled with violence, captivating characters, seductive language and a totally original dystopian world? Then look no further than Derek E. Pearson’s mesmerising Body Holiday trilogy. You’ll be hooked from the first page of Book...
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Posted Jun. 30, 2016

Relationship goals: Best power couples in literature

I guarantee that romance, in some form, has been part of every story you’ve ever read regardless of genre. With this in mind, I trace the power couples that have ruled literary pages throughout history. Starting with Homer, the strength of Odysseus’ and Penelope’s love cannot be denied. Following the birth of their...
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Posted Jun. 14, 2016

The books that changed our lives

We all have that one book which changed the way we look at our lives forever. Six Boar Books writers share theirs… Sohini Kumar I remember reading once that Roald Dahl wanted to make his readers laugh — “actual loud belly laughs.” Fittingly, Dahl’s Matilda is one of the first books...
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Posted Apr. 30, 2016

Famous Games Inspired by Famous Books

With the evolution of the medium, more and more video games have begun to show signs of having been inspired by famous works of literature. Boar Books and Boar Games team up to take a look at a few such examples. The Book: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road The Road has...
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Posted Mar. 12, 2016

Warwick has agreed to fund sports kit in full

Warwick University and the Students’ Union (SU) have agreed to jointly provide full funding for the new ‘Team Warwick’ sports kit. A grant of £45,000 will be given to provide sports team members with the new kit, according to an announcement made by sports officer, Ruby Compton-Davies, on 25 June...
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Posted Jul. 21, 2015