Lauren Garvey

Careers on the frontline

In its training process, Frontline aims to develop skilled social workers who can show keen leadership skills in order to bring about effective change.
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Posted Nov. 20, 2014

You give a kick, I give a Smack

Freshers has taught us nothing. We are currently lying in bed feeling a little worse for wear, which is nothing new to us, since hangovers became a part of every- day life during Freshers Fortnight. Since it’s that time of year again, we feel it is important to impart a...
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Posted Sep. 30, 2014

Starting Fresh: A Survival Guide to Living in Halls

“How do you cook pasta?” “Would you like to try my orgasmatron?” These questions are examples of how not to make a good first impression during your first weeks at uni. Looking back on our first few weeks at Warwick, it is safe to say that it is nothing that...
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Posted Mar. 12, 2014