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First Campaigns Convention of the year starts at Warwick

A Campaigns Convention took place in the Warwick Students’ Union (SU) Copper Rooms on Thursday 17 October, from 5pm until 8pm.

The event aimed to provide students interested in campaigning with both social training and networking opportunities necessary to build a successful campaign.

Jack Mason, campaigns and policy coordinator at Warwick SU, stated: “The convention aims to let any individual get the knowledge, skills and contacts they may have previously been lacking to launch a campaign and carry it through to the end.”

The main focus of the event was how to organise an effective campaign. Several speakers attended the convention to give a valuable insight, including the president of the Coventry Amnesty International Society as well as a representative from Warwick Hubs who also took part in the event.

Welfare and campaigns officer at Warwick SU, Cat Turhan, hosted the event and posed questions to the panel of visitors.

The regular event welcomes a range of students, from experienced campaigners to those with an interest in starting.

As the first convention at the beginning of a new year, Mr Mason particularly acknowledges freshers, stating before the event: “This first Convention of the year hopes to make the fresh faces and inexperienced campaigners feel like they instantly belong.

“It gives them an opportunity to meet those who have been here before and see that Warwick SU, its members and partners provide a support network to help them achieve their goals, no matter what those goals might be.”

Nevertheless, the event is also catered for the established members to benefit from. Attending the convention also gave students the opportunity of standing for the new sabbatical post of environment and ethics officer.

This position will involve the responsibilities of raising awareness of relevant environmental and ethical issues in the University community and advising both the SU and students – furthermore bringing these concerns before the Student Council.

Mr Mason believes the events will help somebody with a passion put their ideas into action: “Campaigns Convention is more than just a once-a-term training event.

“The convention helps to build on an already-growing campaigning culture on the Warwick University campus, and it provides an opportunity for new people to get involved in a range of campaigns that are already running on the Warwick Campus.”

At every convention copies of the Warwick SU Campaigns toolkit are available, and can also be found here.

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