Jacob Mier

Bestival (and the Restivals) – Part II

Wales’s picturesquely-situated Green Man festival and the Isle of Wight’s end-of-season desert island disco, Bestival, captured both my heart and ears with tasteful curation, highly creative set design, and plenty of deliciously overpriced styrofoam chip trays.  Bands performing on Green Man‘s scenic Mountain Stage play to passionate and well-listened psych-folksters,...
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Posted Oct. 21, 2014

I Never Learn

Lykke Li’s third album I Never Learn plays like it was recorded during a storm. Sparse piano and acoustic guitar arrangements guide Li’s reverberated voice through each track’s sullen and atmospheric verses, then collide abruptly with waves of predelayed noise launched by thundering kick drums. The result is the Swedish singer-songwriter’s strongest...
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Posted Jun. 26, 2014


Darren Aronofsky's rendition of the timeless story of Noah proves to be both mesmerising and humane, writes Jacob Mier.
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Posted Apr. 22, 2014

Wake in Fright

As Australia's 'lost film' opens in cinemas around the UK this month, Jacob Mier delves into the madness behind Ted Kotcheff's frightening classic
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Posted Mar. 15, 2014