Gurpreet Dhaliwal

What is white privilege?

Although you may have been hearing the term increasingly over recent years, the concept of white privilege has existed for centuries. First and foremost, it’s important to clarify exactly what it means. There are lots of great explainers and graphics out there but one stood out to me the most...
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Posted Jun. 22, 2020

The UK is rapidly ditching coal

It has been a landmark year for Britain and coal. For the first time since the industrial revolution, Britain went a fortnight without coal back in May. This record was broken again under a month later when National Grid tweeted that we’d managed 18 days coal-free. Great Britain has now...
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Posted Sep. 21, 2019

Reflecting on our time with The Boar (II)

In our second and final edition, some of our outgoing Editors (and Social Secretary!) share their experiences of working with The Boar and ultimately, what the paper has meant to them. With this being our final edition of these testimonials, I think it’s long overdue to give both a huge congratulations and...
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Posted Mar. 30, 2019

Are study drugs on the rise at Warwick?

It is a rite of passage in our academic lives to pull an all-nighter in the pursuit of finishing up an assignment or revising for a test. Chances are many of us have downed a cup of coffee before taking the infamous 15-minute-power nap which apparently many of the world’s...
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Posted Mar. 27, 2019

A history of racism at Warwick (INTERACTIVE)

The University of Warwick has launched an external review into its disciplinary procedures after an appeals panel decided that students who sent messages containing rape threats, sexist, racist and anti-Semitic sentiments in a private group chat would be allowed to return next academic year. The University announced the review on...
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Posted Mar. 22, 2019

The importance of Warwick Arts Centre to life at Warwick

About a month before I started university, I went to an open mic poetry night with a couple of friends. As a typical to-be fresher, I remember being nervous about what to expect from university life; I’d visited Warwick before, several times, but had no idea what life would be...
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Posted Aug. 13, 2018

Is entrepreneurship dead?

Last week I attended a conference on synthetic biology, a relatively new area of research which combines genetics and the life sciences with engineering. It encompasses everything you hear on the news about designer babies to genetically modified organisms and much more. The number of startups in the field, often...
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Posted Aug. 1, 2018

How is Orwell’s 1984 relevant today?

Orwell’s 1984 is a dystopia, depicting a society under constant surveillance under authoritarian regime which even imposes a new language, ‘Newspeak’, on its citizens to restrict their freedoms. The ruling party in Orwell’s novel, Ingsoc, have created a world in which every member of society is watching and simultaneously being...
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Posted Jul. 18, 2018

Meeting the team behind the world’s biggest blanket fort

The field by Oculus at Warwick University campus will be the home of a potential world record as a team of volunteers attempt to build the world’s biggest blanket fort on Wednesday 20 June. The volunteers aim to raise £10,000 for Leamington Winter Shelter (LWS), which was set up as a...
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Posted Jun. 15, 2018