Greta Csernik

Marilyn Monroe in the movies

“I wanna be loved by you…nobody else but you” – sings Marilyn Monroe in the 50-year-old classic, Some Like It Hot. The song could not have been more suited to her, she who wanted to be loved for herself just by one man, and instead was loved for her image...
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Posted Mar. 11, 2019

A call to modernise theatre and cinema

Both the theatre and the cinema as entertainment mediums have been in crisis for the past few years. Experts and fans are trying to figure out what the future holds for both mediums, and how they could be preserved in their present format – if they should be at all....
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Posted Feb. 23, 2019

My favourite genre: romance

Romance books are often associated with unoriginal, repetitive, uncreative pulp fiction.  No doubt, there are many with considerably little artistic value but the ‘classic’ ones are about so much more than just a pretty girl falling in love with a handsome boy. So here I am, constantly called ‘Miss Romantic’,...
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Posted Feb. 12, 2019

An insight into Hungarian movies

European cinema has always had a very distinctive style from Hollywood. Probably the most exciting feature of the European film industry is that each and every European country has its own, unique film history and film style whilst sharing a melancholic mood that comes from its stormy history. I would...
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Posted Nov. 30, 2018

How Can We Write More Diversely?

There has been an online campaign calling for greater diversity in literature over the last few months. Roni Loren of the Huffington Post argues that authors are scared to write diverse characters into their books. Is it really fear that stops them? Or do they just write about what they...
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Posted Nov. 20, 2017