Gabriela Jozefowicz

Tell Me Your Story – A game review

From A Little to the Left to Unpacking, indie puzzle games have been receiving a lot of love from all types of gamers. They are known for their relaxing qualities and satisfying nature. Another game that also has these same attributes is RedDeer.Games’ – Tell Me Your Story.  The game...
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Posted Jul. 15, 2024

Willy’s (Woeful) Wonderland

As I found myself drained after an unexpected heatwave and bored out of my mind, I decided to watch Willy’s Wonderland. While it’s unarguably a blatant Five Nights at Freddy’s rip-off, it was still enjoyable with its odd humour and lack of main character speech. So now that I curbed...
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Posted Jul. 5, 2024