Gregory Milik

Is The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson past his prime?

Walking into a damp, post-industrial yard in Birmingham under a blanket of grey sky was quite the opposite of what I had envisioned when attending a concert helmed by Brian Wilson, musician-auteur of California pop balladeers The Beach Boys. He was also accompanied by ex-Beach Boys, Al Jardine, Ricky Fataar,...
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Posted Sep. 15, 2018

A look back on the best indie albums of 2017

Our writers present their contenders for best indie and alternative album of the year.   A Crow Looked at Me – Mount Eerie “Death is real / someone’s there and then they’re not / it’s not for singing about / it’s not for making into art”. The first line croaked from...
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Posted Jan. 23, 2018

Is the album dying?

In the era of on-demand streaming, it seems the traditional studio album is under attack. For millennials, walking to the local music store, picking up a few LPs, before going home and dropping the needle on the vinyl, or sticking a CD in a Walkman, seems like an energy-burning waste...
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Posted Nov. 27, 2017