Evie Taylor

Untested rape kits are sitting in laboratories

More than 100,000 rape kits are currently sitting, untested, in police storage in the United States.  Rape kits are boxes containing vital forensic evidence, including semen, skin cells and clothing. If the DNA on any item is found to match that of a suspect, it can lead to an arrest...
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Posted Aug. 5, 2020

Gymnastics: Downie sisters describe ‘environment of fear’

Abuse in Team GB gymnastics has become “completely normalised” say world championship medallists, Ellie and Becky Downie. The sisters, who are viewed as Team GB’s strongest contenders for medals at the Tokyo Olympics, have joined a growing number of British gymnasts speaking out against maltreatment in the sport. The Downie...
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Posted Jul. 19, 2020

Should students be reimbursed?

“We don’t believe students will be entitled to reimbursement if the quality is there” says universities minister Michelle Donelan. After months of inaction from the government, Donelan’s evasive statement reflects that students are being viewed as nothing more than a source of income. As a result of two waves of...
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Posted Jun. 15, 2020