Evie Taylor

How can world leaders learn from Jacinda Ardern?

“It is about leadership” states New Zealand’s Prime Minster, Jacinda Ardern, after confirming that she will take a 20% pay cut, alongside her ministers, in solidarity with the people of her country. This act is just one of the latest demonstrations of admirable leadership from Ardern, whose compassionate and decisive...
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Posted May. 11, 2020

Are the rich to blame for climate change?

The gulf in energy consumption between the rich and the poor is undeniable – both within countries and between them. But, how much are the rich to blame for climate change? And what can governments do to reduce the global footprint of the world’s wealthiest people? According to a recent...
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Posted Apr. 16, 2020

The environmental policies of the 2020 US election candidates

Climate change activism has skyrocketed in recent years and calls from the general public for those in power to take drastic action have become deafening. Yet, whilst most nations have ramped up efforts to combat climate change, the United States has seen a rapid dismantling of previous environmental legislation under...
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Posted Mar. 30, 2020

The global consequences of China’s secret wildlife farms

Following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), China has shut down thousands of exotic wildlife farms across the nation. This comes after years of persistent criticism of the unethical nature of the exotic wildlife trade, from animal rights activists, echoed on a global platform, by the United Nations. However, the Chinese...
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Posted Mar. 22, 2020