Enoch Mukungu

Love Island deserves more credit

Love Island is fake. It’s contrived. Over-edited. Oversexed. The end result of a degenerating culture. The final sign of the end times. At least, that’s what the Daily Telegraph and the rest of more snobbish sections of the press would have you believe.  Russel T Davies, writer of Queer as...
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Posted Feb. 13, 2020

Why election debates are a waste of time

The election has driven Britain mad. The toxicity bubbling under our body politic since 2016, or if we’re being honest, 1832, has finally erupted to the surface like a modern-day Pompeii. And nowhere was that more obvious than the debates. It’s not often I agree with Boris Johnson, so savour this moment, but...
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Posted Jan. 11, 2020