Chris Browne

The ‘Father Christmas moment’

Facebook stalking is a terrible thing, though it does sometimes yield positive results. After having recovered from term two by attending a mass climate change rally in Coventry, and the premier of Age of Stupid in Aston – again, climate change related – I figured I was going to try...
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Posted Apr. 27, 2009

Living in a lawless land

The wrong questions are being asked about our society in the aftermath of the G20 protests' highly political policing. We must learn from April 1st before the death toll rises.
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Posted Apr. 20, 2009

Students kettled at G20 protest

Around thirty students from Warwick University travelled to London during the Easter holidays in order to attend the April 1st G20 protests in the financial district.
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Posted Apr. 20, 2009

Grapes of wrath

Fruit of the Loom's trade union smashing in Honduras should outrage us as much as those workers denied the right to association, and left without a source of income
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Posted Mar. 10, 2009

Use it or lose it

The shockingly low percentage of total votes accrued from the Politics and International Studies (PAIS) department suggests Warwick's democratic culture leaves much to be desired.
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Posted Mar. 3, 2009

O say can you read?

Perhaps Jefferson’s quotation is the most prescient, ‘history, by apprising them of the past, will enable them to judge of the future’. It serves as a pithy summary of the book’s pitch at any rate.
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Posted Jan. 20, 2009

Recession, Yemen, and mail

It is January. Christmas is over, and I am wiped. A few of the reasons for this are largely personal –my brother, for example, has been in the Yemen for the last four months learning Arabic.
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Posted Jan. 6, 2009

The council and the cola

Ethical considerations should inform policy, but more importantly should be at the heart of our own decisions. For ethical consumers, Coca-Cola and an uncaring Students' Union are a cause for concern.
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Posted Dec. 2, 2008

The great t-shirt offensive

The same day that millions of Americans came out to elect the first African-American President, a smaller, but equally resolute group of students at Warwick staged a protest against the continued presence of the arms trade on our campus.
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Posted Nov. 18, 2008

Raging Bull

The trials and tribulations of changing mobile service provider are only exacerbated by the capitalist system.
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Posted Oct. 29, 2008

The ghost of the gunman

“If the word ‘No’ was removed from the English language, Ian Paisley would be speechless”. Famous words from one of Northern Ireland’s veteran peacemakers: former SDLP leader, John Hume. These days, now that the bombs have all but stopped and the Peace Process makes its final excruciating lurches towards conclusion...
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Posted Sep. 29, 2008