Chris Browne

The adventures of Bertie Ahern

It is regrettable then that like Blair, Bertie Ahern's role in the Peace Process and as a formidable statesman has been somewhat eclipsed by matters of money.
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Posted Apr. 28, 2008

The forgotten continent speaks out

We don’t seem to pay that much attention to Africa; Hardly a profound revelation. In fact, it’s self-evident to the extent that a lot of us tend to refer to it as a single political and cultural entity.
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Posted Jan. 22, 2008

League tables are big but not clever

The latest league table findings have broken the proverbial camel’s back. The Government really ought to start listening to its teachers if it wants to improve the education system.
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Posted Jan. 15, 2008

Making a killing

Private Military and Security Companies are unaccountable, ineffective and exploitative. Our government must take greater measures to end a worrying trend of ever-greater reliance upon them.
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Posted Dec. 4, 2007

No one cares about Northern Ireland

The recent debacle over the Ulster Defence Association decommissioning process –or the lack thereof- has got me thinking. Does anyone in mainland Britain know about this developing story at all?
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Posted Nov. 8, 2007