Beth Thomas

A throwback to younger years

Putting heavier workloads to one side, Warwick students look back to lighter reads from years gone by. ~~~~ The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot Mia Thermopolis is the heroine that every teenager needs. She not only provides laughs and all too relatable dramas, but she most importantly shows a change in the way we...
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Posted May. 16, 2017

Bridget Jones: Relatable or Total Shambles?

Total Shambles: Not an icon fit for the 21st century Bridget Jones is a terrible role model. I’ve my teenage years soaking up the Bridget phenomenon through Helen Fielding’s books and films, but finally I see it clearly. Bridget leads exactly the kind of life women should try to avoid:...
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Posted Oct. 11, 2016

TV shows that help your degree

Finding your degree a little dull or complex to understand? Fear no more – our writers are here with TV shows that can help you better understand your degree, or at least enjoy it a little more… Community Bethan Ackerley Community is the story of newly suspended lawyer Jeff Winger,...
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Posted Sep. 22, 2016

TV shows set at university

The Boar TV writers tell us about their favourite shows about or set in a university  Fresh Meat Jack Prevezer  Arriving at university, you swiftly realise that it isn’t all about tequila, threesomes and ‘third degree gurns’. Rather, the experience is captured by writing 3000 words at 3am, while intravenously pumping...
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Posted Jun. 17, 2016