Meet your Full-Time Student Officers
Image: Wikimedia Commons/ Ben Firshman

Meet your Full-Time Student Officers

The student body has elected seven new Full-Time Student Officers during the SU Spring Elections 2021. 

Warwick SU President: Shingai Dzumbira

Shingai Dzumbira has been elected as this year SU’s president. She is a Law graduate, having later studied an MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Shingai is from Harare, Zimbabwe. 

In the past, Shingai has ensured that IT issues were included in mitigation and secured funding to benefit BAME communities at Warwick. 

As the president, Shingai wants a return to in-person learning, a more student-focussed SU as well as a fully operational library. 

Education Officer: Isabelle Atkins 

Isabelle Atkins has been elected as the Education Officer. As an undergraduate, Isabelle studied PAIS. She is originally from the South of England but grew up on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border. 

As DSO, Isabelle piloted mandatory mental health training for personal tutors. 

As the Education Officer, Isabelle wants mitigation for those who cannot return to campus and will lobby for campus developments such as more study spaces. 

Postgraduate Officer: Nathan Parsons 

Nathan graduated from Warwick having studied Mechanical Engineering (MEng Hons).

As the Postgraduate Officer, Nathan wants to re-establish students as the main decision-makers within the SU and push for the SU to understand the needs of postgraduate students studying at Warwick. 

Democracy & Development: Jacob Jefferson 

The new Democracy & Development officer, Jacob, is a History graduate from Hertfordshire. 

In 2020/2021, He was a member of the SU Societies Committee. 

As the new officer, Jacob wants to implement ‘Project Restart’ which entails opening the Copper Rooms, Dirty Duck and other venues as soon as restrictions ease. He also wants to bring back Warwick off-campus accommodation. 

Welfare & Campaigns Officer: Charlton Sayer 

Newly elected Charlton is a History and Politics graduate from Hound Green, Hampshire. He has previously been a faculty of Arts representative. 

As the Welfare & Campaigns Officer, Charlton wants to reintroduce the ‘Eating at Warwick’ card, make campus more accessible for disabled students and tackle loneliness at Warwick via his ‘More than just Teams calls’ initiative. 

Initially, the SU had declared the election ‘null and void’ due to electoral procedures as students were able to vote for a candidate throughout the week despite their withdrawal on Monday. The SU later overturned their void verdict and reinstated Charlton as the Welfare & Campaigns Officer. 

Societies Officer: Chih-Hsiang Lo

Chih-Hsiang Lo is a PAIS graduate from Nottingham. Previously, Chih-Hsiang was the president of the Anime & Manga Society.

As the Societies Officer, He wants to work towards the creation of a ‘Societies App’ which will make it easier for students to find societies and encourage interconnectivity between Warwick societies and those from other universities. 

Sports Officer – Will Brewer

Will is a MMORSE graduate from Louth in Lincolnshire. He has previously been president of Warwick Tennis and led a campaign that raised £5000 for Refuge. 

He wants to review the costs of sports and establish an annual large-scale charity event for all clubs to collaborate on.


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