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BREAKING: Warwick SU overturns “null and void” Welfare and Campaigns Officer election

The University of Warwick’s Students’ Union (SU) has announced in a statement that Charlton Sayer has been officially reinstated as Welfare & Campaigns Officer Elect, after the election was “declared null and void”.

The SU’s previous statement on Tuesday 9 March had announced that the Student Officer Elections for the position of Welfare and Campaigns Officer had been “declared null and void by an external Returning Officer”, however their statement today has overturned this result, declaring Charlton Sayer the elected Welfare and Campaigns Officer.

The previous SU statement on Tuesday 9 March had also stated: “One of the candidates [running for the position of Welfare and Campaigns Officer] informed the SU that they would like to withdraw from the election on Monday 22nd February. The SU acknowledged that request the following day, but the candidate was not withdrawn on the system.

“When votes were counted after 7pm on Friday 26th, it emerged that the withdrawn candidate had received the most votes. In accordance with the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system, their votes were re-distributed according to any voting preferences expressed.

The statement released on 29 March states: “A challenge to the Returning Officer’s decision was received from one of the candidates and, following a hearing which took place on Friday 26th March, the Board of Trustees have decided to overturn the Returning Officer’s decision to declare the election null and void.”


Charlton Sayer has therefore been officially reinstated as the Welfare & Campaigns Officer Elect

– Warwick SU

The statement adds: “We will be carrying out a review of this election period to ensure any issues are ironed out for future elections, including adding guidance to the By-Laws on how to deal with withdrawn candidates to ensure this situation is not repeated.

“Charlton Sayer has therefore been officially reinstated as the Welfare & Campaigns Officer Elect.”

Following the SU’s statement, Charlton Sayer said: “‘I’m delighted the Board made the right decision to certify the result of the election, saving all of us from the waste and hassle of an unnecessary by-election in exam season.

“I look forward to being your next Welfare Officer, and dealing with the real issues students face.”

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