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Warwick SU’s Term 2 All Student Vote open until Friday

The All Student Vote (ASV) for this term opened at 9am today. Warwick students can vote on motions discussed at yesterday’s ASV meeting until Friday noon, before the results are released.

The ASV, put forward by the University of Warwick’s students’ union (SU), allows a chance for students to have their say as part of the “Make Your Mark” campaign as well as put forward their own motions.

The motions are: abolishing or reducing the University card replacement fee, the SU calling for a People’s Vote, the prevention of STIs, improving blood donation facilities on campus, releasing exam timetables earlier, having universal lecture capture, workers’ rights at Warwick, and fair wage.

Abolish or reduce the University card replacement fee

This motion was announced by Ben Newsham, the Democracy and Development Officer (DDO) at the SU, and asked for the £5 fee imposed earlier this year on the replacement of ID cards to be reduced to £2 or abolished altogether.

It also lobbied for student participation in the financial decision-making which takes place in the SU. The indicative vote shows that it will pass.

Warwick SU for a People’s Vote

The indicative vote for this motion showed that it will not pass as only one person favoured it, although it will still be part of the motions for the students’ vote.

The motion promoted discussions on the topic of Brexit as it asks the SU to lobby for a People’s Vote, and raised awareness of the campaign to Remain in the European Union (EU) by running a day of action on 29 March later this year.

Say your goodbyes to STIs

The indicative vote for this motion, proposed by the Welfare and Campaigns Officer Jemma Ansell, showed that it will pass.

It promotes the University to provide blood tests to students to prevent the spread of STIs, and facilitate more measures as part of the Sexual Health Services available.

Improving blood donation facilities on campus

For this motion, no particular speeches were made from the floor besides a supporting comment from Luke Shortland.

The motion aims to promote an awareness campaign on donating blood by setting it up on campus. The indicative vote shows that it will pass.

Earlier exam timetables

This motion asks the SU to lobby for the University’s exam timetable to be released earlier in order to allow students to prepare further in advance, as well as a survey on how this will affect students.Discussions on stress and wellbeing arose on the floor.

Listed in the motion were reasons such as the problems faced by students with disabilities and extenuating circumstances, and travel issues faced by international students when having to accommodate themselves during the third term.

The indicative vote showed that this motion will pass.

Universal lecture capture

During this motion a debate arose from the floor on the use as well as the possibility of having universal lecture capture, the stance of the UCU, and workers’ rights.

The proposer of the motion clarified that it was meant to “put the issue of back to the forefront of students’ minds and the SU’s campaigns”. The indicative vote showed that this motion will also pass.

Workers’ rights at Warwick

The motion calls on the SU to guarantee the rights of workers outlined in the EU Working Time Directive Post-Brexit at Warwick, despite the outcomes of the Brexit deal.

It also called on the avoidance of zero hour contracts and a continued campaign against casualization. The indicative vote for this motion suggests that it will pass “slimly”.

Warwick for fair wage

This motion asks the SU to repeal Policy 020, “A Living Wage for Union Staff”, which is to be replaced by the SU’s resolutions.

President Liam Jackson explained that the union is “committed to paying the living wage”, while Women’s Officer Emma Coleman added that it should only affect SU staff and that a 2020 deadline is in place for the issue.

“It will not bankrupt the SU,” stated DDO Ben Newsham. Sports Officer Balraj Dhingra urged the floor to vote for the motion. The indicative vote shows that it will pass.

More information on the ASV and its motions can be found here. Live tweets from the event can be found here.

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