Reece Goodall

My next travel plans

The world is slowly starting to open up which, hopefully, means that we will start to see more real-life travel once again. However, at the moment this is one huge question mark, with vaccine passports, foreign variants, and the general fear of coronavirus all complicating things a little. We asked our writers what they thought about being able to travel and where and when they planned to go first.
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Posted Apr. 12, 2021

Major League Baseball at the heart of a polarised America

Baseball has long been the national sport of the USA, and tales of baseball legends – from Babe Ruth to Ty Cobb to Barry Bonds – have been part of the American story. But it can’t have escaped your attention that America is currently split down the middle, and baseball...
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Posted Apr. 11, 2021

Did lightning jumpstart life on Earth?

If you’ve ever seen a film version of Frankenstein, you’re probably familiar with how the mad doctor uses lightning to create life. Although it’s not exactly the same scenario, research from the University of Leeds suggests that lightning may also have been pivotal in facilitating life on Earth. During his...
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Posted Apr. 7, 2021

TIME TRAVEL: a history of the postcard

One of the classic icons of the holiday is the postcard – a piece of post from someone who is away, telling you a little about what they’re up to. But how did the postcard come to be, and how did it become an essential part of the holiday industry?
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Posted Apr. 5, 2021

What would a metal volcano look like?

Volcanism has been back in the news recently with stories of an eruption in Iceland. But as we see those images of lava pouring out near Reykjavik, a classic example of volcanic activity throughout Earth’s history, it may come as a surprise that not every volcano in the universe conforms...
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Posted Apr. 3, 2021