Reece Goodall

My Boar farewell letter

Sometimes, one of the toughest challenges in life is knowing when to stop. When is the right moment, when you’re doing something you love, to bow out? I’ve been at The Boar for ten years, and although I’ve talked about it for ages, I’ve been feeling for the past few...
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Posted Oct. 29, 2023

UNESCO recommends adding Venice to heritage danger list

UNESCO, the United Nations cultural agency, has recommended that Venice be added to the world heritage site blacklist unless the Italian authorities do more to protect the city. In a statement issued on Monday, July 31, UNESCO said that the city faced “irreversible” damage due to a list of problems...
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Posted Oct. 26, 2023

Time Travel: the explorations of Leif Erikson

The story of Christopher Columbus, landing in what is now known as the Bahamas on 12 October 1492, is legendary. He is widely considered to be the first European to land in the Americas. However, recent research has suggested that his central claim to fame may not actually be correct....
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Posted Oct. 1, 2023

Understanding the two-envelope paradox

I’m a fan of maths problems, and I’m particularly keen on those seemingly impossible puzzles that seem to see the maths go against logical thinking. I’ve written about some of them before, including the Chinese boat captain riddle and the Monty Hall problem, a maths challenge that baffled even the most gifted mathematical...
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Posted Sep. 28, 2023

Why are so many young people feeling lonely?

Young people face many challenges in the world today, from finding a job to the ever-unrealistic dream of home ownership to even wondering whether we’ll have a liveable planet in fifty years’ time. Coupled with that, there’s an epidemic of loneliness — increasingly, young people are feeling lonely, despite seemingly...
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Posted Jul. 26, 2023

Alcaraz beats Djokovic in Wimbledon thriller

World number one Carlos Alcaraz is the new Wimbledon champion, defeating a record-seeking Novak Djokovic in a five-set epic. Both players showed fantastic form, but it was ultimately the younger man who won the day, claiming his maiden Wimbledon title after winning 1-6 7-6 (8-6) 6-1 3-6 6-4. For Djokovic,...
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Posted Jul. 20, 2023