Reece Goodall

TV Picks: Favourite TV Couples

In celebration of Valentines Day, some of our writers have selected their favourite TV couples and the reasons why their love is some endearing to viewers. Eleanor and Chidi (The Good Place) – Mufaro Kapfunde  Existing on two entirely separate ethical spectrums, at first glance Eleanor and Chidi from The Good Place...
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Posted Feb. 15, 2018

The race to one trillion

It’s looking as though 2018 could see a business first – it is possible that we could see a US company valued at $1 trillion. Currently, we have five US tech companies valued at over $500 billion and, if technology shares prices continue to rise as they did in 2017,...
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Posted Feb. 7, 2018

The Shape of Water: Review

When I sat down to watch The Shape of Water at the ODEON Screen Unseen, all I knew about the film was the description that an American friend had given me – ‘it’s essentially Splash,’ she said, ‘during the Cold War.’ Now, she wasn’t wrong there, but there’s so much more to this film...
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Posted Jan. 24, 2018

A look back on the best indie albums of 2017

Our writers present their contenders for best indie and alternative album of the year.   A Crow Looked at Me – Mount Eerie “Death is real / someone’s there and then they’re not / it’s not for singing about / it’s not for making into art”. The first line croaked from...
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Posted Jan. 23, 2018