Reece Goodall

Were the Tony Awards a strike for unity or division?

The Tony Awards returned this month, recognising the incredible achievements on Broadway over the past year, and it was a night that was very keen on stressing unity and inclusivity. Did it succeed, or were the Tonys just another stuffy award show, far away from the real world? The night...
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Posted Jun. 16, 2018

Why nobody wants to watch Solo

The imminent release of a new Star Wars film ought to be a big event – there’s a huge fanbase out there, with Star Wars being one of the few franchises that is guaranteed to pack out cinemas. Just look at the excitement with every new trailer for The Force...
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Posted May. 29, 2018

How safe are we on campus?

Winston Salem State University, 20 January. Savannah State University, 24 February. Central Michigan University, 2 March. Forest High School, 20 April. Only five months into 2018, these cases are a few of the numerous shootings that have taken place so far this year in the United States. The US has endured a long-standing division over gun control...
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Posted May. 28, 2018

Warwick’s finalist bucket list

Exams are rocking up and some people will soon be leaving for the real world – if you feel like you need a quick break from it all, why not travel locally? There are tons of amazing places in the area that we say we’re going to get round to...
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Posted May. 26, 2018

Why can’t Britain win Eurovision?

And so, another edition of Eurovision has been and gone, with Israel claiming the victory. The UK’s entry, SuRie, took a fairly mediocre 24th place (of 26), with a predicted wave of sympathy failing to materialise after the stage was stormed during her act. Cue familiar howls: “all of Europe...
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Posted May. 17, 2018