Reece Goodall

Farewell, Big Bang Theory

As 'The Big Bang Theory' comes to an end, Reece Goodall takes a look at what has the made the show simultaneously so popular and unpopular - is it the right time to call it a day?
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Posted Sep. 17, 2018

A brief history of video games at the movies

Recently, a film based on the Minecraft franchise has seen a delay – its writer and director have been replaced, meaning the film will not reach its 2019 release date. This pushback has led to many decrying the curse of video game movies – that they are all, without exception,...
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Posted Aug. 22, 2018

Is the ‘Popular Film Oscar’ a winner?

This week, the Academy announced that it was creating a new Oscars category – Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film. To say that it went down poorly with Hollywood stars and the public alike would be a massive understatement, so what is the Academy’s game here? Why are they planning on...
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Posted Aug. 20, 2018

Does Netflix have what it takes to stay at the top?

Netflix recently revealed that it missed its own forecasts by more than a million subscribers, sending it shares down sharply – for a business model that relies on remaining in constant high-growth mode, it’s a worrying sign. Add in the facts that most of the ‘easy’ subscribers in major western...
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Posted Jul. 30, 2018

The best TV cliffhangers

What do you do if you’re making a TV show and you want to tempt your audience to come back for another series? The answer, increasingly, is to end on a cliffhanger – leaving your viewers hanging on a big question or a shocking event can generate tons of discussion...
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Posted Jul. 28, 2018

Is graffiti vandalism or art?

Last month, three graffiti artists were found dead near Brixton, south London. Their bodies had been found on a train track, a few hundred yards away from their last piece of work – they had all been hit by a train. These deaths have brought the issue of graffiti back...
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Posted Jul. 17, 2018