Reece Goodall

Review of ‘It’

Reece Goodall reviews the new 'It' film, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel, starring Bill Skarsgard as the murderous clown, Pennywise.
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Posted Oct. 1, 2017

Does Pokémon have a future?

Pokémon Sun and Moon were a hit with players and critics. Many of the series’ long-standing weaknesses were tackled, a compelling plot and fresh take on Pokémon training being two of the most welcome additions. But with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon set to return to Alola, it seems Game Freak might be...
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Posted Sep. 14, 2017

Corruption in the Capitol

There’s something going on in America. A foreign actor with worrying levels of access to IT services in the nation’s capital, with connections to several high-ranking politicians. The top politician involved attacks the media and the police for trying to learn the truth about the affair, leading to political foes...
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Posted Sep. 9, 2017