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#TeamWarwick athlete profiles: Warwick Devils

After Ladies Hockey got our #TeamWarwick profiles up and running on Friday, it’s now time for Warwick Devils to take centre stage.

How long have you been doing Cheerleading?

Jemma Ansell (Squad Co-ordinator): This is my second year of taking part in competitive cheerleading, and I’ve loved every second of it!

Sam Rossiter (club member): One and a half years.

Amy Lloyd (club member): 8 years with a 2 year break.

Aliana Chambers (club member): 4 years.

What drew you to the Sport?

JA: I’ve wanted to be a cheerleader since I was a young girl, but sadly it wasn’t available in the area I’m from. I’d watch movies like Bring It On and Stick It repeatedly, sitting in absolute awe of their amazing skills.

SR: The variation within the sport and the mix of strength, fitness, amazing fun and community spirit.

AL: I already did dance and gymnastics, which are two main elements of cheerleading. The sport also looked so much fun!

AC: Every athlete on a cheerleading, dance or gymnastics team is valued, and there’s a position for every body type and ability. The sports are all incredibly physically demanding (human bodies aren’t meant to twist/flip/be thrown in the air), and when things go right there’s a real feeling of accomplishment. All three sports are such fun and competing in them is even better!

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What does #TeamWarwick mean to you?

JA: As a cheerleader, #TeamWarwick instantly means everything to you. Although we’re competitive cheerleaders and compete on behalf of Warwick on a national level, our sport inherently calls for us to support every club under the #TeamWarwick banner. We love going to support and perform at not only Varsity games, but weekly matches too.

SR: Celebrating our diverse community and supporting each other as one unit.

AL: I love that it brings people together, creating a feeling of unity across campus.

AC: I love how supportive all sports clubs are of one another at Warwick – #TeamWarwick really symbolises the sporting unity of our university.

What do you appreciate most about being part of a Warwick Sport Performance Club?

JA: It’s made my experience at the University of Warwick something I will never forget. These years will probably be the best of my life, as the sport not only allows you to make some incredible friends for life, but also encourages you to discover new parts of your personality and skill set at almost every training session. Although it’s sometimes difficult to balance work with play, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SR: Having that release from the stress of uni work, making strong friends who have your back and being part of something.

AL: I appreciate the people the most. Whether I’m training or just around campus, I’m always surrounded by great and friendly people.

AC: Being able to do the University of Warwick proud through representing #TeamWarwick at competitions. It’s the best feeling.

Do you have any pre-game/ competition rituals?

JA: Double, triple and quadruple check that red bow is tied tight and secure to that ponytail…it’s the best part of being a cheerleader after all.

SR: Simply to enjoy watching the performances that come before us and cheer loudest for our own squads!

AL: “Devils on three! 1, 2, 3, DEVILS!!”

AC: Getting hyped up through our Devils chant really helps to settle the nerves before we take the mat!

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