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Caught in an on-screen romance

Ross and Rachel (Friends)


With Friends spanning a decade on television, it was certainly not going to be an easy task to keep the will they/won’t they discussion going in relation to Ross and Rachel. After a few years, viewers would end up not caring or resigning themselves to the fact that the friend zone was well and truly in place. Yet, with instant chemistry and complimenting personalities, viewers were hooked. Their first kiss outside Central Perk was a long time coming, especially since Ross had loved Rachel since high school, and it was the start of an epic love story.

Since true love never runs smoothly, they had to overcome the “we were on a break” fiasco, Rachel dating Joey (what?!), a Vegas wedding and a baby but no proposal. Despite ex-fiancees climbing out of the woodwork and Ross marrying Emily, these two always found their way back to each other. These tumultuous storylines made them all the stronger as friends and as a couple. They were meant for each other and when they finally realised it ten years later and got their act together, it was moving and satisfying. In Phoebe’s words: Rachel was truly Ross’ lobster. Sorry, Gunther.

Karishma Jobanputra

Jim & Pam (US The Office) 

If your love can survive Dunder Mifflin, it will probably survive anything. Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) are the best example. The couple first shared glances across the office in the first season but started dating only in the fourth. During that time there were few obstacles, including Pam’s engagement and planned but broke off wedding, Jim’s transfer to another branch of the company and a new girlfriend. And don’t forget Michael with the whole bunch of co-workers. But finally, of course, everything went well. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one cheering all the way. We saw the story continuing, with proposal, marriage and babies along the way.

A person who is willing to wait and doesn’t give up if things don’t go smoothly, won’t ever give up on you.

Jim and Pam is the couple with that perfect combination of awkward, sweet and funny, making you go ‘aww’ many times (me for sure). Their love story, despite all the bumps along the way, still feels relatively simple and relatable. And teaches us a valuable lesson – a person who is willing to wait and doesn’t give up if things don’t go smoothly, won’t ever give up on you. For this and the adorableness of them both, Jim and Pam are one of the best TV couples.

Aukse Meskinyte

Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)  


There’s never a wrong time to reflect upon one of television’s most unforgettable will-they-or-won’t they relationships that took its form between Gilmore Girls’ witty, verbose and budding hotel entrepreneur Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and Stars Hollow’s favourite diner owner Luke Danes (Scott Gordon Patterson).

An unapologetic coffee addict and the bearer of an open aversion to all things culinary, Lorelai’s fate was irrevocably intertwined with Luke’s from the moment she and her teenage daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel) began frequenting his diner as regular customers, but from the very first episode it rang out loud and clear that their bond ran much deeper than the average client-coffee-distributer relationship.

Over seven seasons, we were able to witness their close friendship evolve into one of the greatest romantic relationships on television. That is, after years of letting their obvious mutual attraction sizzle untouched.  Luke’s affection towards Lorelai manifested itself in the most adorable of ways even when they weren’t an item (the chuppah, anyone?) and his parental affection for Rory threatened to break the heart-warming scale on several occasions.  But yet, as soon as romance officially flourished between the two, Lorelai and Luke’s story became a testament to the idea that sometimes the strongest of loves blossom first from wonderful friendship.

Hannah Martin

Mac and Dr Todd (Green Wing)

Green Wing is first and foremost a comedy, yet I’ve never felt as emotionally invested in a T.V relationship, as the one between Dr Macartney (Mac) and Dr Caroline Todd (Dr Todd).  Actually, framing the relationship as simply between two people is a bit misleading to start with. Whilst Mac and Dr Todd form the centre, they find themselves in a bizarre love hexagon.

This makes for intriguing viewing, as the chop and change of the whole affair puts the viewer through a lot of emotions, although mostly just laughing until your sides split. Viewers are forced to wait until the show concluding special before any kind of resolution is delivered and even then, in the tradition of all good T.V relationships, it’s an ambiguous arrangement. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable journey to watch and boasts some of the best comedy/drama writing I’ve witnessed.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable journey to watch and boasts some of the best comedy/drama writing I’ve witnessed.

Green Wing makes for great Valentine’s Day viewing, with the theme of relationships ever present, whether it’s Boyce giving Kim oral under her desk or Martin falling asleep whilst kissing Karen. The magic of Mac and Dr Todd is the icing on the raunchy cake and to this day remains my favourite on screen relationship.

Miles Hunt

Homer and Marge (The Simpsons)


Is there any better TV couple than Homer and Marge Simpson? The two have been together for years, raised a family and been through a daft amount of adventures, and they remain the show’s emotional core. Like any real couple, they have their flaws – Homer is a stupid, compulsive over-eater, Marge is passive matriarch with a number of vices – but they work together and their relationship is founded on a mutual respect and love. Indeed, were it not, there would be absolutely no way the show would’ve lasted so long.

Early episodes focused on both parties being tempted by other people, coping with unplanned pregnancies, money troubles, neglect and a number of other issues, but their rock-solid relationship has held true through it all, their affection for each other never wavering. Although there have been accusations that The Simpsons has lost it way in later years, this love has remained constant, an anchor that connects with the audience. Theirs was not and is not a fairy tale romance – it is so much more believable than that, funny and poignant and entering the hearts of millions of viewers.`

Reece Goodall

Lucas and Peyton (One Tree Hill)

Not many couples can say they’ve survived a school shooting, a stalker, numerous near death experiences, love triangles, and a long distance relationship, but One Tree Hill’s Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer can. They were soulmates from the pilot episode and Lucas’ first words to her: the NOFX lyrics, “That’s me inside your head”. The tortured athlete met the tortured artist with both characters battling various parental demons, but sharing a mutual appreciation for art, music, and literature. In the midst of their teen angst, the pair found a deep connection with one another.

Yes the couple may be somewhat brooding and melodramatic, but that’s what teen drama relationships are all about.

The course of true love never did run smooth with Lucas’ relationship with Peyton’s best friend, a failed proposal, and Lucas’ engagement to another woman. But in season six, he found his way back to Peyton. Ultimately, he was always saving her, and she was always inspiring him, with Lucas basing his whole career of being a writer based upon his love for Peyton, with her as his muse. Lucas and Peyton got their happy ending that they both deserved, with a wedding and the dramatic birth of their daughter before they bowed out of the series. Yes the couple may be somewhat brooding and melodramatic, but that’s what teen drama relationships are all about.

Eleanor Campbell 


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