Violet O'Gorman

Prof. Joaquín Alumnia: The EU Post-Brexit – WES 2019

On the final day of the Warwick Economics Summit, former Vice President of the European Commission, Professor Joaquín Almunia, gave a talk examining the current issues facing the European project. In the past, the EU played an important role in “building peace, prosperity, and welfare, through shared democratic values and...
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Posted Feb. 18, 2019

A lack of sleep is bad for business

It’s become increasingly common to hear stories of workers from all sectors, but especially the business sector, staying late in the office or even pulling all-nighters to get work done. Technology has become omnipresent over recent years – and this has created a population who are spending less time getting...
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Posted Nov. 29, 2018

Internships abroad: Paris

This time last year, I was moving to France – nervous but excited to be starting my year abroad. As part of my year abroad, I would be working for 6 months as an intern in a translation company, working as an assistant in the industry team. There, I managed...
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Posted Aug. 21, 2018

Considering life after Brexit – is Britain going to join the TPP?

British ministers have held informal discussions on the possibility of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), according to reports published recently by the BBC and Financial Times. The TPP is a proposed free trade group, uniting 11 member countries: Canada, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Brunei, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and...
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Posted Jan. 29, 2018