Gurpreet Dhaliwal

The importance of Warwick Arts Centre to life at Warwick

About a month before I started university, I went to an open mic poetry night with a couple of friends. As a typical to-be fresher, I remember being nervous about what to expect from university life; I’d visited Warwick before, several times, but had no idea what life would be...
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Posted Aug. 13, 2018

Is entrepreneurship dead?

Last week I attended a conference on synthetic biology, a relatively new area of research which combines genetics and the life sciences with engineering. It encompasses everything you hear on the news about designer babies to genetically modified organisms and much more. The number of startups in the field, often...
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Posted Aug. 1, 2018

How is Orwell’s 1984 relevant today?

Orwell’s 1984 is a dystopia, depicting a society under constant surveillance under authoritarian regime which even imposes a new language, ‘Newspeak’, on its citizens to restrict their freedoms. The ruling party in Orwell’s novel, Ingsoc, have created a world in which every member of society is watching and simultaneously being...
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Posted Jul. 18, 2018

Meeting the team behind the world’s biggest blanket fort

The field by Oculus at Warwick University campus will be the home of a potential world record as a team of volunteers attempt to build the world’s biggest blanket fort on Wednesday 20 June. The volunteers aim to raise £10,000 for Leamington Winter Shelter (LWS), which was set up as a...
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Posted Jun. 15, 2018

Chioma Abazie on Warwick’s largest gospel event, ‘Awaken’

Chioma Abazie, second-year Economics student at the University of Warwick, reflects on the lead up to the evening of Friday 2 March 2018 when Warwick’s largest Gospel event, ‘Awaken’, took place. So how did ‘Awaken’ come about? During my first year of university, I noticed there was a lack of Gospel events in...
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Posted May. 7, 2018

TEDx Warwick 2018: Dare to Defy

Founded in 2008 by Kunal Amin, an engineering student at the time, TEDx Warwick has evolved into Europe’s largest student-run conference. With 14 high-profile and engaging speakers, and a range of performers, this year’s event celebrated its 10-year anniversary in a way that truly embodies the TED ethos of ideas...
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Posted Mar. 27, 2018

Locals discuss ‘studentification’

With two successful universities in the region, Leamington Spa and Coventry have become part of an ever-growing list of places to feel the presence of students. Some may argue that these areas are undergoing a process of ‘studentification’. Studentification refers to the changes brought about by an increasing student population...
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Posted Mar. 20, 2018