Cally Salter

TS Eliot poetry prize in political ‘Waste Land’

Who remembers the days before Trump and Brexit? When politics was not an endless report of demagoguery and division. When terms like “fake news” and “snowflakes” did not populate the political arena. In a time where sexual misconduct allegations and murdered journalists dominate the front pages, you would be forgiven...
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Posted Nov. 12, 2018

Should Films Have A Social Message?

Talking about the release of his first feature film Lion, director Garth Davis once said, “filmmaking is not a job but a social responsibility for me”. Lion tells the story of an Indian boy adopted by a wealthy Australian couple, who sets out to find his real family after twenty-five...
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Posted Nov. 9, 2018

Is The Sun Finally Setting On The Western Movie?

As the Coen Brother’s The Ballad of Buster Scruggs debuts on Netflix next month, its emergence has reignited a popular movie debate. With each increasingly rare addition to the genre, the question is raised: is the Western movie dead? Eulogies of the Western is commonplace amongst audiences and film critics...
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Posted Oct. 22, 2018

What Are The Best Movie Remakes?

The October release of A Star is Born features Bradley Cooper as the hard-drinking musician who falls for a rising talent. As Lady Gaga steps into the shoes of Janet Gaynor (1937), Judy Garland (1954) and Barbara Streisand (1976), Hollywood’s fascination with remakes remains as fervent as ever. Is Hollywood’s...
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Posted Oct. 19, 2018