Axel Metz

280 characters that can (literally) change the world

President Trump’s Twitter activity has set a dangerous precedent for world politics. The theatre of debate and international relations has become digitalised like never before, and others following the president’s trigger-happy example could make the 11th largest social media platform the world’s most important one. Twitter’s market value has constantly...
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Posted Oct. 4, 2018

What’s in a passport?

Passports have hit the headlines in recent months with the Home Office confirming that navy blue passports will be rolled out after Brexit to replace the current European burgundy ones; with immigration minister Brandon Lewis claiming that the move will “restore national identity”. This raises the questions: what is in...
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Posted Jun. 29, 2018

Managers may come to regret World Cup omissions

With the 2018 World Cup in Russia well underway, all 32 competing teams have now named their finalised squads for the tournament. FIFA’s 23-man limit for each team means that places on the plane are fiercely competitive and highly sought-after, with players looking to prove their worth through established performances...
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Posted Jun. 20, 2018

Daniel Caesar is R&B’s best kept secret, but for how long?

The music industry has a lot to thank Canada for right now, even if the inescapable mainstream anthems of Justin Bieber, Drake and The Weeknd aren’t to everybody’s tastes. Notably, I would find it more difficult to endorse the genius of William Shakespeare than that of up-and-coming R&B artist Daniel...
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Posted Oct. 16, 2017