Vartik Mehta

In Sunak We Trust?

Dubbed the economic Jedi, Rishi Sunak’s Summer Economic Statement on 8 July was nothing short of mystical. Harnessing the power of the Force (in this instance his position), he unleashed a slew of measures to help jump-start the UK economy. The Furlough Scheme and Jobs Retention Bonus The Chancellor of...
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Posted Jul. 24, 2020

Why F1 should be viewed as the world’s only global sport

Some say Formula 1 isn’t a sport. F1 involves drivers sitting in their cars and driving in loops for an hour or two. Some would argue that F1 drivers aren’t even athletes, and that a driver’s performance is highly dependent on the car they are given. I, however, say that...
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Posted Mar. 26, 2020