Tanya Khan

Are flight attendants plagued by fatigue?

 When flying home from Dubai earlier this week, I overheard a cabin attendant comment that she had “just got in on a flight from Auckland”. Immediately, the rest of my row was in shock. “So, you’re doing over 18 hours of air travel in a row?”, I asked. She admitted that this was a typical route for her to do, with many multinational airlines having similar work schedules.
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Posted Jul. 24, 2019

Reflecting on our time with The Boar

In our first edition, four of our outgoing Editors share their experiences of working with The Boar and ultimately, what the paper has meant to them. Tanya Khan (Travel Editor) When I spontaneously applied for the role of Travel Editor, I had one goal in mind – to make the travel...
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Posted Mar. 23, 2019

Child influencers sum up our privilege and our hypocrisy

This year, the highest paid YouTuber was seven years old. Ryan Toysreview made $22 million this year alone from his toy reviews. With the rising trend of parents sharing their children’s lives online, it’s no wonder that big brands are tapping into this to market their products. Here in the...
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Posted Jan. 20, 2019

Can we create a home away from home?

With many of us having lived or studied in more than one place, the concept of ‘home’ can often be challenging to define. As such, two students share their personal conceptions of home and its significance to them. Mariam Amini It has been more than three years since I moved...
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Posted Jan. 18, 2019

Get to know Warwick STAR

During our time at university, we have the opportunity to integrate ourselves into the local community in several ways, primarily through volunteering. Many societies provide us with the chance to directly engage with the local population. We were fortunate enough to speak with Sam Percival from Warwick STAR, to discuss...
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Posted Dec. 3, 2018

Photos for a lifetime or just for your snapchat?

If you compare the photos you have of your childhood to the ones you have of yourself now, it is likely that there is a stark contrast in the quality, numbers and meanings attached. The childhood photos have a nostalgic feel, are few and far between. Printed, framed and stuck...
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Posted Nov. 15, 2018