Sadia Nowshin

Has April Fools’ Day become a laughing stock?

In a world where a celebrity who had a role in WWE is the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world and our own Prime Minister shimmies onto stage to the tune of Dancing Queen, April Fools’ Day pranks seem slightly redundant when front page news...
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Posted Apr. 5, 2019

Tales of a lonely student

Loneliness is a problem that exists everywhere at university, but so few people pay attention to it because the feeling of being alone doesn’t have a place in the idyllic image of the student world. The university experience is often dubbed as the best years of your life and advertised...
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Posted Mar. 20, 2019

Getting back on track with your degree

With Term 3 on the horizon, the deadlines are looming and as you stare blankly at the mountain of work you have to catch up on, you suddenly regret all those times you napped instead of going to lectures. Whilst it may seem an unachievable feat to get that grade...
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Posted Mar. 16, 2019

The superiority complex surrounding book marketing

Whether it’s pure escapism they’re after, a sappy love story to distract you from reality or a thriller to get your heart racing, people peruse the shelves of bookstores because they enjoy the experience of reading. However, there is a notable issue – which is highlighted by Sally Rooney in...
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Posted Feb. 22, 2019

Fan fiction should be encouraged, not dismissed

If you were lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on what you saw) to have discovered the wonders of websites like Wattpad or Tumblr in your tween-to-teen years, you will have experienced the vast range of fan fiction on offer. From boy bands to Harry Potter and everything in between, there...
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Posted Feb. 17, 2019

Why we should embrace standing ovations

As the cast re-entered the stage at the end of Hamilton, the whole crowd – including me – rose to their feet in eager applause. I had waited seven months to see the musical. It had surpassed my (very) high expectations and, in that moment, I was genuinely full of...
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Posted Feb. 2, 2019

Literature through the ages: the must-reads

Literature has always been an integral part of culture and the list of ‘classics’ has become steadily more extensive as each century passes by. If you don’t know where to start, I’m here to provide you with a whistle-stop tour of what are, in my humble opinion, some of the...
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Posted Nov. 26, 2018