Reece Goodall

The Problems of Unauthorised Biographies

A new unauthorised biography of Prince Charles has hit the bookshelves. It followed that by hitting the headlines, with numerous reviewers highlighting that it seems to be overly concerned with painting a negative portrait of its subject more than anything. Its author, Tom Bower, is described as the ‘master of...
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Posted Apr. 13, 2018

How Far Does Nostalgia Go?

I was lucky, as a kid, to be growing up when Disney was going through its second renaissance – quality movies like The Lion King and Hercules were hitting the cinema at a yearly rate, and there was a palpable excitement whenever a new Disney picture was going to be...
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Posted Apr. 12, 2018

Why is the Pro-Trump show Roseanne so Popular?

Iconic American sitcom Roseanne is back on our screens, and it has surpassed all expectations – an audience of 18.4 million people tuned into the revival, making it one of the highest-rated comedies of the decade. Telling the story of the Connors, a working-class American family helmed by outspoken Roseanne...
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Posted Apr. 10, 2018

Ghost Stories: Review

I rocked up at the exclusive ‘ODEON Scream Unseen’ hoping for A Quiet Place or, at a push, The Strangers 2, but, instead, I watched a British horror film called Ghost Stories. The film was a strange one. A movie of two different halves, Ghost Stories unsuccessfully shifts from an...
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Posted Mar. 30, 2018

Our time with The Boar – Part 2

We asked our outgoing editors about their time with The Boar   Giles Allen-Bowden (outgoing Film Editor):  So, I didn’t expect this to be in this position. I applied and was, much to my surprise, assigned the position of Deputy along with Tiff Milner. And that’s as far as I...
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Posted Mar. 28, 2018

Pay day in the Pokémon universe

The motto of the Pokémon games may be ‘gotta catch ‘em all,’ but how exactly are you paying to do that? It seems that, no matter who you beat, all the world’s trainers are packing serious amounts of cash. How does the economy in the Pokémon world actually work? Let’s...
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Posted Mar. 26, 2018