Reece Goodall

Rick and Morty – ‘Get Schwifty’

We’re getting musical in this week’s Rick and Morty, but the song it sings isn’t an overly impressive one. ‘Get Schwifty’ is the weakest episode of this second season, although it still boasts some great jokes and an interesting B-plot. A giant head appears in the orbit of Earth, and...
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Posted Aug. 24, 2015

Rick and Morty – ‘Total Rickall’

Rick and Morty is always charting new ground, but can it breathe new life into the clip show format? The answer, of course, is yes, and it results in another classic episode that showcases the show in its most visually inventive. There’s lots to love in ‘Total Rickall’. The family...
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Posted Aug. 17, 2015

Rick and Morty – ‘Auto Erotic Assimilation’

Rick and Morty returns with an instalment concerned with relationships and the way that they sour. ‘Auto Erotic Assimilation’ is far from the funniest outing, but it nails its characters perfectly and produces something highly poignant as a result. Rick, Morty and Summer respond to a distress call on an...
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Posted Aug. 10, 2015

Rick and Morty – ‘Mortynight Run’

Morty tries to do the right thing on an intergalactic scale, in an episode that is equal parts action and character study. ‘Mortynight Run’ is a solid episode, a more standard return to fare after the experimental weirdness of last week, and it works well (even if the end point...
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Posted Aug. 3, 2015

Course reading: enjoyable?

How many of us actually enjoy reading the required material for our degrees? Warwick students reveal their true attitudes towards course reading
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Posted Jul. 28, 2015

Rick and Morty – ‘A Rickle in Time’

Rick and Morty is back for its second season, and it goes all out in the premiere. ‘A Rickle in Time’ is a classic episode, pushing an interesting sci-fi premise to its limit and mining a lot of laughs in the process, while somehow fitting in a surprising amount of...
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Posted Jul. 27, 2015


Reece Goodall reviews the cautiously anticipated 'Ant-Man', an origin story of Marvel's smallest superhero, and a hilarious and heartfelt summer flick which emerges triumphant despite its production woes.
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Posted Jul. 18, 2015

Teratomas: the freaky science of tumours

Yamini Karanam was a PhD student living in Indianapolis, once a brilliant computer science student but now struck with the inability to follow and understand simple sentences. She was cripplingly exhausted, suffering headaches and falling behind in her work. Upon investigating, doctors found what they thought was a cyst in Yamini’s pineal gland, but they were unable to act, thinking the location too risky. Eventually, the tumour grew, rendering her unable to walk, read or even eat.
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Posted Jul. 16, 2015