Olivia Collins

What does ‘Working Class Writing’ even mean?

Increased awareness of prevailing social inequalities and the lack of representation of Working Class authors has sparked conversations about the way Working Class people are portrayed in fiction. Olivia Collins explores the validity of 'Working Class Writing' as a genre, and the variety of literature that it includes.
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Posted Oct. 13, 2021

Why we need to stop reading infographics and start reading books

Recently, social media accounts that post infographics that explain current affairs have come under fire. One example is the account @so.informed, which changed its name after an interaction with author Ijeoma Oluo. Olivia Collins explores whether these infographics can be trusted, and why we should be turning to books instead.
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Posted Sep. 20, 2021

Is ghostwriting right?

Olivia Collins explores the practice of ghostwriting, unpacking whether the secretive arrangement is morally dubious or not.
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Posted Jun. 19, 2021

To reread a book with fresh eyes

Olivia Collins explores the practice of rereading books, and recommends The Binding as a book they would like to read again, with fresh eyes, as if for the first time.
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Posted Jun. 3, 2021