Oliver Barsby

Oliver loves writing about games so much he has decided to focus his dissertation on video games, researching the representation of US national security in video games.

Etika: the mental health of online streamers

On the 25th June 2019, the body of gaming YouTuber and streamer Desmond Amofah (known online as Etika) was found by the NYPD.  After posting an emotional video expressing suicidal thoughts, members of the online community became concerned about the YouTube star’s wellbeing and whereabouts. This was followed by the...
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Posted Jul. 15, 2019

Detective Pikachu v Sonic the Hedgehog: Translating Game to Screen

Paramount Studios recently released their first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer and it was not received well. The internet exploded with both Sonic and film fans alike criticising the adaptation, reacting in disgust to the hedgehog’s human teeth and features. For many this feeling was an inevitability, video game films consistently...
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Posted Jun. 23, 2019

E3 2019: The Boar’s Best Moments

The lead into E3 2019 had me sceptical. Both Sony and EA were not officially attending, and other developers decided to produce video presentations to announce their new products rather than delivering the standard conference we are used to. But, whilst there were some disappointments (the lack of gameplay for...
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Posted Jun. 19, 2019

Is it possible for England to win the Cricket World Cup this year?

‘We were humiliated’ is the phrase Eoin Morgan used to describe England’s catastrophic 2015 World Cup campaign. England’s failure to advance through the group stages, winning only against Scotland, highlighted the need for a shift in their approach to ODI matches. This change came through Morgan. The England captain kick-started a...
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Posted Jun. 18, 2019

Pokémon Sleep: Catching Pokémon In Your Sleep

The Pokémon Company really care about your health. At least that is what the announcement of Pokémon Sleep shows. During a shareholder’s conference in Tokyo, The Pokemon Company International’s (TPCi) President Tsunekazu Ishihara announced Pokémon Sleep is coming next year, and no, the irony of staying up until 3am to...
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Posted Jun. 12, 2019

FLASHSALE! : Golf Story

Modern gaming has not been kind to sports fans. Developers have utilised microtransactions and pay-to-win features to make a quick buck from those desperate to play with their heroes. Golf Story, Sidebar Games’ Nintendo Switch exclusive, takes a refreshing stance against these tactics, managing to have fun with its mechanics...
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Posted May. 31, 2019