Nerissa Taverner

Advice for depicting an interesting setting in your writing

Setting is an incredibly important part of writing but it can often be overlooked. Without setting, your characters are stuck in a nameless limbo. However, sometimes conveying the setting you are imagining can be a bit of a challenge. World building can be the glue that holds the story together...
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Posted Dec. 29, 2018

A fresher’s first impression of Warwick’s creative scene

As a postgraduate fresher, I was really looking forward to enriching my university experience with the arts while studying. I love anything to do with music, theatre, film and dance and hoped to check out what was on offer in this area during Welcome Week. I definitely wasn’t disappointed! First...
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Posted Oct. 23, 2018

My Top 5 French Films

As a lover of film and of other cultures, I really love watching French films. They tend to be wacky, whimsical or just plain odd but that’s why they’re so great! They can be so different compared to American and even British films which is really refreshing in my opinion....
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Posted Oct. 18, 2018

Why libraries are about more than just books

As an avid bookworm, especially of science fiction and fantasy novels, I love going to the library. However it’s clear that public libraries are on the decline. In 2005, library attendance was at 48.2% in England whereas it was at 34% in 2016. This is mainly due to websites like...
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Posted Oct. 8, 2018