Miša Hennin

How ‘green’ is the University of Warwick’s environmental policy?

People & Planet is the UK’s largest student network campaigning for environmental and social justice. In 2019 it ranked Warwick 60 out of 154 UK Institutions based on environmental and ethical performance. Comparatively, neighbouring university Coventry ranked seventh. Warwick’s low ranking was caused by weaknesses in water usage reduction, workers’...
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Posted May. 25, 2020

The US megadrought: is climate change to blame?

A megadrought which scientists say could be the worst to hit the western US in recorded history is currently underway. The severity of the drought is thought by some researchers to be worsened by rising temperatures and climate change, in particular by the effects of global warming caused by human activity....
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Posted May. 16, 2020

Starting a Summer Health-Kick

Everybody wants to look and feel their best, especially in the summer, so we have compiled a list of advice for a summer health kick. After nine months of university life and a term spent sat in the library, our bodies are tired of pasta, noodles and other quick meals....
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Posted Jul. 27, 2018

How to survive the heat

Cooler temperatures and rain are finally in sight after a heat wave in the United Kingdom. Sunday saw the highest temperature of the year, with 33 C recorded in the South of England. Whilst cooler temperatures are forecasted, the hot weather may return at the end of the month. The 46...
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Posted Jul. 15, 2018

Opening date confirmed for new Warwick Sports Centre

Earlier this year, the University of Warwick was seeking permission for expansion which would take place over four years, and would cost a total of £400 million. The expansion would consist of nine new developments, including: an £80 million Faculty of Arts building, a new £57 million Cryfield Student Village...
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Posted Jul. 5, 2018