Matt Allen

Election night madness

On Friday 3 March, the roof fell in on Warwick student politics. Or rather, it almost did. The Dirty Duck’s structural snafu occurred earlier in the day. Though this ensured none of the candidates were injured, it also meant the kitchen was out of action – bursting with any hopes...
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Posted Mar. 10, 2017

The platform is yours to use

“Sorry,” Becky Gittins says following a brief interruption, “tribute to the busy job.” Throughout the interview her phone was buzzing repeatedly, with Becky studiously silencing it each time. Her office, ensconced in the heart of the Student Union Headquarters, was adorned with posters detailing the operation of university democracy. One...
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Posted Mar. 4, 2017

It’s not folly to live in La La Land. We need sincerity

This last week I did the obligatory and watched La La Land. Nobody needs me to recount here what a brilliant addition to the pantheon of cinematic masterpieces it undoubtedly makes. What struck me was its complete lack of self-consciousness. It was self-aware, urbane, and clear-eyed; it knew that modern audiences...
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Posted Feb. 4, 2017

Is Warwick affordable?

Let’s picture the scene. You, an aspirational, discerning denizen of Year 12 are researching universities. You, of course, emerge none the wiser about where to invest three years of your life, because league tables are but hieroglyphics to us mere mortals.This is an important decision though. It decides where you pay...
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Posted Jan. 13, 2017

Student protests – a modern Don Quixote

It is simply hopeless. We have seen this story play out in the same way every time, yet another iniquitous burden is placed on the back of students. The more vocal among us launch campaigns, protests and demonstrations – summoning a potent paroxysm of passion that soon fizzles out to...
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Posted Jun. 19, 2016