Lily Pickard

RAG Week returns to Warwick, raises £4000 for YMCA

Warwick RAG (Raising and Giving) hosted its annual RAG Week this week, starting on Monday 6 February and raising over £4000 in total. RAG Weeks are tradition across most universities in the UK, and consist of students fundraising for a given charity. This year, Warwick RAG chose YMCA Coventry and...
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Posted Feb. 11, 2017

RaW broadcast 50-hours non-stop for Parkinson’s UK

RaW 1251AM, the University of Warwick’s student radio station, completed a non-stop 50-hour broadcast last week in aid of the charity Parkinson’s UK. Taking place between 1-3 February, groups of students took turns hosting the live show, which ran throughout day and night. Some highlights included live broadcasting from Pop!,...
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Posted Feb. 4, 2017

Any Questions? University and SU address pressing issues

An “Any Questions?” event was held last night on 23 January, where student questions were put to and answered by members of Warwick Students’ Union (SU) and the University of Warwick’s senior management team. Vice-Chancellor (VC) Stuart Croft and Registrar Rachel Sandby-Thomas represented the University, whilst SU President Luke Pilot...
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Posted Jan. 24, 2017

Warwick student donates organs after sudden death

A first-year undergraduate student at the University of Warwick has donated his organs for transplant, after suddenly dying over the Christmas holidays. William Gradwell-Smith, known commonly as Billy, was from Luton and started studying Philosophy and Literature at Warwick this year. He died on 30 December 2016 following a sudden...
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Posted Jan. 8, 2017

New UK Ambassador to the EU raised in Leamington Spa

Tim Barrow, the newly appointed UK Ambassador to the European Union (EU), was raised and educated in Leamington Spa. Claims in national papers that he attended the University of Warwick are, however, false. With the triggering of Article 50, effectively putting Brexit in motion, expected to be just weeks away,...
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Posted Jan. 5, 2017

Emotional wellbeing decides elections, say Warwick researchers

New research by the University of Warwick claims the emotional wellbeing of voters is the deciding factor in elections and referendums, as opposed to economics or party platforms. The research involved over 4000 UK respondents being interviewed annually to determine whether people consider past performance of political parties when voting....
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Posted Dec. 27, 2016

Warwick historians warn of bigotry and racism in post-Brexit UK

Thirty-seven historians at the University of Warwick have published a statement voicing their concerns surrounding racism in Britain, particularly since the Brexit vote in June. The article, entitled “Bigotry seeks company in the UK”, was published on openDemocracy, self described as an “independent global media platform” which tackles social and...
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Posted Dec. 20, 2016

Monash Warwick Alliance extended for another five years

The Alliance between the University of Warwick and Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia, is set to continue for another five years after a new agreement was signed between the two. The agreement means research and education collaboration will continue, as well as study abroad opportunities for students. The Monash Warwick...
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Posted Dec. 15, 2016