Katherine Sorab

A personal reflection on Sesame Street’s autistic character

Sesame Street has been broadcast globally for years now with millions of your children tuning in every week to watch Elmo and his friends play. So when they announced a new character the buzz around it forced the story onto every Facebook timeline and Twitter feed. What was particularly remarkable...
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Posted Apr. 9, 2017

Student politics: Aggression won’t burst the bubble

Walking into the Duck last Friday I was immediately struck by the energy in the room. Nerves were tangible, and only thinly masked by spectators laughing, drinking, and cheering at every passing comment the host made. As the winning candidates were announced it was touching to see people become so...
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Posted Mar. 6, 2017

We must carry on campaigning

It’s easy to feel disappointed with humanity when protests seem to regularly “fail”. The Dakota pipeline protests were ignored by Trump, days after the Woman’s March abortion laws were drawn into question, the mass of people protesting outside airports in America and across the world seems to be falling on...
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Posted Feb. 16, 2017

Must-see Museums: Europe

Academia Gallery – Florence  Whilst the Uffizi in Florence is heralded as the major art collection in Florence it is the Academia Galleria that stands out most to me. The centre piece is, of course, Michelangelo’s David which stands in the centre of the entrance illuminated by great glass windows...
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Posted Jan. 17, 2017

New Year, better me: Resolutions worth keeping

January is a time for reflection and growth and as students I think we have plenty of time to look inwards. Most of us are at a crossroad in our lives between childhood and adulthood, teetering on the edge of the oblivion that is the “real world”, unsure of what...
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Posted Jan. 13, 2017

Consent Workshops: Don’t walk out, walk in!

Recently, the University of York introduced consent classes. However, one third year student took issue with this scheme and criticised the classes as patronising and unnecessary. He is not alone in this; many have expressed similar views, with some students choosing to walk out. At Warwick, consent workshops met with...
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Posted Nov. 15, 2016

The everyday hate crime: Cat-Calling

Cat-calling is a feature of every woman’s life. An unwanted feature. From a man telling us to ‘have a good morning darling’, to a group of men telling us exactly how they’d like to fuck us, from as young as nine years old women learn that the act of walking...
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Posted Jul. 30, 2016

Empowering the everywoman

Brock Turner’s victim spoke truly when she claimed she was everywoman. She voices a story of rape that our society doesn’t want to hear. Rape is constantly scattered across our newspapers. We are constantly told of women being savagely raped by criminals, by psychopaths and by sexual offenders, but never by...
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Posted Jul. 4, 2016

News Nuggets

This week’s news nuggets feature Warwick’s Poleathon, Warwick Taekwondo’s charity event as well as events occurring in Leamington Spa and Coventry. 24-Hour Poleathon Warwick Pole performed a 24-hour Poleathon again this year in aid of Child.org. The event began at midday on Friday 29 April, on the Piazza, in celebration...
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Posted May. 15, 2016

Democracy Review set in motion

As part of his Democracy Review Olly Rice, the Democracy and Development Officer, is looking into the role of Part-Time Officers and reviewing their efficiency.
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Posted May. 14, 2016