John Butler

Science & Tech Editor (2015-2016)
Physics student at The University of Warwick

Warwick pairs with Waitrose to promote food security

Warwick University has partnered with Waitrose to create a doctoral training collaboration focused on developing food security. The project will provide PhD students with academic development and industry training in agriculture and sustainable crop development. The collaboration will provide students with business skills and employment opportunities in the fresh produce industry,...
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Posted Dec. 14, 2016

Pint of Purple: John Butler, Science & Tech Editor

What are you reading at the moment? I’m reading a book by Matt Haig called Reasons to Stay Alive. It’s a really interesting account of his battle with anxiety and depression and I’d definitely recommend it to pretty much everyone. The main issue with mental health is the lack of...
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Posted Jul. 2, 2016

Psychoactive substances: the end is high

A new law is set to criminalise the sale of ‘psychoactive substances’, otherwise known as legal highs. Although the possession of legal highs won’t be illegal, the supply, possession with intent to supply and importation of the substances will be. Not only will these be criminal offences, they’ll also carry...
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Posted May. 27, 2016

Does UK science have a future without the EU?

Even though we’re still a month away from the big day, you can’t go anywhere without some mention of the Brexit debate. The discussion is often centred on the usual politics – immigration, jobs, the NHS – but an important aspect to consider as students is the future for us...
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Posted May. 25, 2016

Should Apple create a backdoor for the FBI?

Apple and the FBI have been locked in a fierce battle recently over the unlocking of an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino attackers. The FBI want Apple to create software to allow them to unlock the phone, but Apple have refused. Should Apple comply with the FBI?...
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Posted Mar. 28, 2016

Science explained: Gravitational waves

Over the past couple of weeks you’ve no doubt heard a lot about gravitational waves. They’ve been everywhere: in the papers, on Facebook and, of course, here in the Boar. Everyone has been ranting about how amazing it is that they’ve been discovered, but there’s a simple question that a...
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Posted Feb. 29, 2016