Jennifer Barnard

The Worth of Term-Time Holidays

Family holidays are expensive, that is undeniable. They are, however, a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about the world that exists outside of their town, and to engage with new cultures, climates, people and activities. BBC News reported an increase of approximately 16% in 2015-16 from the data for...
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Posted May. 1, 2017

“What the fuck!?”: Students react to the snap election call

Following the surprise decision by Prime Minister Theresa May to call a snap general election, two of our writers give their take on the news. Reece Goodall Theresa May’s announcement was a canny one for two reasons. Since the referendum, losing players have pulled every trick out of the hat to...
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Posted Apr. 18, 2017

Social Secretary: trials and tribulations

So elections for the 2017/18 society execs are over. Old members have been replaced by younger, fresher-faced, and better slept first and second years. An important member of every society is the social secretary—the glue of the team, the one who everyone entrusts with a most valuable possession: their social life....
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Posted Apr. 4, 2017

How film inspires us to travel

Film and travel are inexplicably intertwined. Before social networks such as Instagram projected travel envy onto us all in our daily lives, the main inspiration to travel came from books and films. However, while books can paint a mental image for us (hands up who’d love to travel to Hogwarts?),...
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Posted Feb. 28, 2017