Hannah Yager

Lessons from Life Drawing

Upon attending the societies fair in first year, I was introduced to a branch of the Warwick Art Society which holds a life drawing session twice a week. This instantly appealed to me as I enjoyed life drawing while studying for my Art A Level, and I also thought it...
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Posted Jan. 24, 2018

Why are some artists famous?

Once artists reach a certain level of critical acclaim or fame, they are subject to intense scrutiny and often criticism, due to the subjective nature of art itself. One spectator’s reaction of excitement towards a painting is valued as equally as the next spectator’s reaction of despair. It therefore becomes...
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Posted Dec. 20, 2017

A reminder of our younger selves: Kaleidoscope Exhibition review

The University of Warwick was founded in 1965 as part of the government’s aim to expand access to, and encourage citizens to seek, higher education. This ambition to broaden Britain’s access to education seems to be reflected in The Arts Council’s touring collection, the Kaleidoscope exhibition, which has recently opened...
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Posted Oct. 10, 2017

5 up and coming artists you don’t want to miss

Starting out in the arts world is harder today than ever, and it is for this reason we need to support and encourage our fellow students who are leading the way and striding forth in this zealous industry. Ahead of summer, here are five innovative and current young artists who...
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Posted Jul. 30, 2017

7 unmissable arts events this summer

We have all heard of Reading and Glastonbury music festivals and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but this year we wanted to offer you a select few summer events that are under the radar, but are definitely not to be missed. During the summer months in Britain, the creative scene is...
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Posted Jul. 15, 2017

Slam poetry: the voice of the next generation

Every time I read the poems on the night before my seminar, I find myself reading aloud and trying to imagine how this poem would have sounded coming from the lips of its composer. But the oral poetry isn’t reserved for the 19th century poets: the 21st century spoken word...
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Posted Jun. 15, 2017