Giles Allen-Bowden

From PC to Page: Translating Games into Books

There have been a number of great books that have been adapted into video games, could the same work in reverse? We might have seen tie-ins and spin-offs based on popular series like Assassin’s Creed and Fable but what else lies in the realm of possibility for adaptations from PC...
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Posted Nov. 7, 2019

Power Metal’s cheesiest night: Gloryhammer on tour

Metal music can be many things: heavy, loud, brutal, nihilistic and intense. But the genre is often far more diverse than first glance indicates. One sub-genre, in particular, stands out from its heavier peers, Power Metal which is often fantastical in its lyrics, keyboard-heavy in its arrangements and utterly cheesy in its delivery.
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Posted Oct. 30, 2019

Scare LA – a horror comic con

Scare LA is a theme park, screening room and comic con combined in one. For those seeking an experience which is highly interactive, you will be in luck. The first thing you see on your right is a fenced off area warning of zombie outbreaks.
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Posted Oct. 28, 2019

Joker: Review

Giles Allen-Bowden reviews 'Joker', the origin story of Batman's most famous villain kicking up a storm of controversy.
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Posted Oct. 7, 2019