Gemma Short

The pitfalls of the echo chamber

In preparation for writing this article, in true student fashion, I procrastinated by scrolling on TikTok. An unfortunate habit, I know, however, the egregious amount of time I have spent on my phone recently proved helpful for better understanding just how easy it is to get trapped in an echo...
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Posted Jun. 7, 2024

If I could meet If I could meet mini-me…

If I were to meet any past version of myself, it would have to be 17-year-old me. Though only three years have passed, that version of myself feels so distant despite being crucial to my journey to where I am today. My 17-year-old self felt hopeless: she was tasked with...
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Posted Mar. 16, 2024

I think I might have endometriosis: what happens now?

Trying to deduce whether your period pain is as expected or if something sinister is lurking beneath the surface can feel like a near-impossible task, particularly when articulating yourself to your peers, your family, and your doctors. I have grown to understand and bear the brunt of this throughout my...
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Posted Mar. 7, 2024

Why do we still need to invest in the arts

There’s no denying that the arts were in utter despair when the world shut down in 2020. A 2022 article published by the conversation reflected on the carnage that ensued within the sector, estimating a £74 billion drop in revenue and 400,000 jobs lost. Theatre and other creative industries grew...
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Posted Feb. 11, 2024

Should we be listening to audiobooks?

To say that university intervenes with reading as a hobby is an understatement. I still love turning towards reading as a mode of enjoyment, however with the demands of my degree, and balancing it with living away from home, I’ve found that I alternate between not having time to read...
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Posted Jan. 10, 2024

Managing a budget during Christmas

As I’ve grown older, each Christmas season has caused more stress due to me becoming more financially independent and meeting more people I have to factor into my Christmas gifts and events budget. In my case, I have a lot of relatives to buy presents for and plan events with....
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Posted Dec. 21, 2023

Macbeth comes to Leamington Loft Theatre!

I’ve crossed paths with the story of Macbeth at various times over the years, from GCSE English studies to acting exams, to the inevitable encounters with Shakespeare as a result of studying theatre at Warwick. However, I had unfortunately never seen it live before, until I was lucky enough to...
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Posted Dec. 14, 2023

‘The White Album’ review: a bleak introspection on 1970s America

In the aftermath of 1960s America, Joan Didion sought out to process its social movements, phenomena, and atrocities in this essay collection. There is a constant care to respectfully cover stories regarding the Manson murders, the aftermath of the Second World War that still rippled through America, and the devastation...
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Posted Nov. 24, 2023

A light-hearted ramble about bookish pet peeves

Contrary to the title, I usually think of myself as someone who does not easily complain when it comes to books. That was until my growing irritability stemming from the endlessness of TikToks, Instagram reels, and social media posts of books having been annotated and tabbed into oblivion. Listen, I...
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Posted Nov. 13, 2023