Image: Vitaly Sacred/Unsplash
Image: Vitaly Sacred/Unsplash

What’s the deal with podcasting about celebrity falls from grace?

As the Shameless podcast pursues all things pop culture, that is not limited to celebrity scandals. In fact, the podcasting duo relish in revisiting infamous celebrity behaviour that had perhaps too much dramatic impact on the general public. Although I would argue that the majority of celebrity scandals are futile, I cannot help but listen to the episodes that cover them. There is inexplicably entertainment in how they drive each narrative.

There is perhaps the distinction of listening in-depth to one conversation as opposed to mindlessly scrolling on your phone

I listened to the two-part episode detailing the work and controversies of Lena Dunham. I had been familiar with her infamy, yet I could not remember anything specific. The two parts were informative, first documenting her rise to fame and the critical acclaim of her work, before diving into her faux pas, or ‘mea culpas’ as Shameless called them. There was a delicate balance between frustration about the continual ignorance that she has demonstratedsuch as questionable statements she made regarding an overenthusiasm for abortionand a defence in her favour over times of unfair and misogynistic criticism. Both parts did well to blend the ‘celebrity gossip’ with research done by Eilish Gilligan; Shameless has Gilligan as their researcher and demonstrates an appreciation for their work each episode. 

Now, why is there the fascination in podcasting about celebrity drama? As previously stated, I would not usually be interested, however I find this podcast fascinating. There is perhaps the distinction of listening in-depth to one conversation as opposed to mindlessly scrolling on your phone where there is an endless clutter of rumours. The podcast also sets out to pick out the facts from the sea of twitter and TikTok debates, which is not only easier to follow, but also a more mature investigation. 

Yet, of course, the reason why I personally am so intrigued could simply be because I am more of a sucker for gossip than I thought I was. Shameless’ highlights on scandals are very much indicative of how we can all get drawn into drama, and the comradery between the two co-hosts makes it all the more enticing to listen to. Now, as I finish writing this, I am about to go and listen to the first of their three-part Ariana Grande deep dive. What a form of escapism from our own everyday problems. 


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