Image: Dante Candal/Unsplash
Image: Dante Candal/Unsplash

Rapid Review: Come Along Pond: A Doctor Who Podcast

With the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who amongst us, what better way to indulge in its festivities than by indulging in Doctor Who related podcasts! They’re a great way of finding people who enjoy the show as much as you, and they’re good for reigniting your love for the show. My choice of podcast for all things Doctor Who is the Come Along Pond podcast.

The podcast is run by Damla and Elliott, two close friends who met at university and both have a huge amount of love for the show. Each episode breaks down individual episodes of Doctor Who in order of their release, starting with ‘Rose’, the pilot to the revival. There’s also the occasional break from the schedule, where they geek out together over any updates regarding the anniversary, or the upcoming series with Ncuti Gatwa. They’re currently up to series 4 (perfect timing for the return of the Doctor/Donna duo).

They’re just two best friends making a cosy podcast about their favourite show

I love the formula for the episodes; whilst a lot of detail is discussed, there’s a non-linear approach with focus on poignant scenes and character relationships but without the excessive scene-by-scene breakdown. I also admire their perspective of the show; their insistence on not taking it too seriously and just appreciating Doctor Who for all its comic absurdity has led me to re-evaluate my attitude towards some episodes (and series two) which I have previously disdained.

It’s Damla’s and Elliott’s chemistry that really make this podcast. They’re just two best friends making a cosy podcast about their favourite show, and it’s a really comforting listen. Admittedly, their introductions can run quite long, but if I’m feeling particularly impatient then I’ll jump ahead. For the most part though these introductions are still integral, and I appreciate the time taken to sharing and responding to fan messages.


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