Emily Neville

Eurovision returns to Warwick again in 2023

Another year of Eurovision meant another year of community, music, and celebration for Warwick students. Last year in 2022, The Boar reported that Warwick’s traditional Eurovision event had returned to campus after the pandemic with great success. The atmosphere was once again electric when this year’s event took place on...
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Posted May. 14, 2023

The books I want my children to grow up reading

When looking back on childhood years, the things that first come to mind are family, friends and books. For some, stories and adventures are better explored through movies or video games. But for others, there is nothing like entering the mind of somebody else to understand their experiences. Books are...
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Posted Mar. 6, 2023

50 years of Warwick news, told by The Boar

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Boar, the news team have scoured the archives to have a detailed look back at some of the most important stories at Warwick since The Boar’s creation in 1973. 1973 – 1978 – written by Jude Wilkinson Foundational Issue In the foundation issue...
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Posted Jan. 31, 2023