Image: Arshia Shojaee Tabatabaee / Warwick Boar
Image: Arshia Shojaee Tabatabaee / Warwick Boar

Eurovision returns to Warwick again in 2023

Another year of Eurovision meant another year of community, music, and celebration for Warwick students.

Last year in 2022, The Boar reported that Warwick’s traditional Eurovision event had returned to campus after the pandemic with great success. The atmosphere was once again electric when this year’s event took place on 13 May 2023.

With Eurovision 2023 taking place in Liverpool, England this year on behalf of Ukraine, Warwick students who did not attend the event live turned up in full force to watch in the Piazza.

Warwick Presents hosted the event this year, with a large staff presence, organising the pre-streaming show live. A range of the University of Warwick’s own talents made performances, including hip-hop dance group EQHO, a cappella group The Leamingtones, and Cosmos Zero.

Also available at the event were an array of food vans, an ice cream truck, and alcoholic beverages from Rootes and the Terrace (T-)Bar.

Droves of students flocked from Leamington, Coventry, and, of course, on-campus accommodations to attend.

Students came dressed in flags, and many painted their faces in support of their favourite acts. The crowd went wild when Mae Muller performed on behalf of the UK, most viewers jumping out of their seats to dance and sing along. But with Warwick’s student body made up of 147 nationalities, students supported a wide range of competitors. The sound of cheering and clapping suffused Warwick’s campus for the duration of the show.

The night ended with Sweden’s Loreen winning, with the song ‘Tattoo’, while the Warwick crowd’s favourite artist Käärijä, representing Finland, won second place with ‘Cha Cha Cha’ and Israel’s Noa Kirel won third place with the song ‘Unicorn’.

In the aftermath of the event, students noted how dirty and messy the Piazza was, with several students volunteering at midnight and in the morning to clean it up. Talking to The Boar, one such student said: “It was so messy… students should be ashamed of themselves. The Piazza was so messy, there were bottles of Beer everywhere. I was a bit ashamed of how people behaved; it was disappointing.”

Another student added: “I walked past it and I was fuming. I helped clean up a little bit but then I had to go, still it broke my heart.”



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