Elena Prest

Enter Shikari are unforgettable in Alexandra Palace

I’m not sure what was going on just before Enter Shikari took to the stage, but I liked it. It involved an exchange over walkie talkies between “Mr Magpie”, “Ostrich” and “Arctic Fox”, counting down to the launch, and some Glenn Miller and His Orchestra – swing music from the...
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Posted Nov. 29, 2017

Alien Ant Farm at the Assembly Rooms

Formed in 1996, Alien Ant Farm hit the peak of their success with their second album, ‘Anthology’, their debut with a record label. Despite initially being labelled as nu-metal, the band’s sound is a mixture of alternative rock, metal, punk-rock and pop-punk. ‘Anthology’ included their hit cover of Michael Jackson’s...
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Posted Nov. 4, 2016

Five 90s must watch horror films

The 90s was a seriously “cool” decade for cinema. There was a wealth of counterculture movies such as Fight Club and Trainspotting. It’s the decade that brought us Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. It gave us iconic characters such Austin Powers and The Dude from the Coen Brothers’ The...
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Posted Oct. 28, 2016

UK earnings grow at the fastest rate since 2009

Elena Prest looks at recent figures published by the Office for National Statistics New research conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown that in the period of May through to July, average earnings, excluding bonuses, grew by 2.9% compared with the same period last year. The unemployment...
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Posted Oct. 20, 2015