Daniel Neofetou

Open space technology

While taking the quotidian as raw material is of course ubiquitous within British film, Emily Richardson’s evocative works transform the everyday into something mysterious which nevertheless resonates as profoundly true. Daniel Neofetou talks to her about influences and interpretations
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Posted Nov. 23, 2009

The Disintegration Loops

What with all this talk of hypnagogy and hauntology reverberating down the hallowed halls of avant-garde music journalism, its easy to forget that the summit of powerful emotive pugilism swathed in fragile ephemerality and witnessed through a chronological fog was scaled back in the fledgling years of this century, when...
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Posted Oct. 13, 2009


At fifty-three years old Lars Von Trier is not so much l’enfant any longer, but he’s certainly still terrible, to which the furore accompanying Antichrist attests.
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Posted Oct. 7, 2009

Art flies free: a profile of Jeff Keen

Oh what a difference two-and-a-half decades make in a human’s twilight years! There are two interviews included on GAZWRX, BFI’s recently-released DVD retrospective of Jeff Keen’s filmography. One was shot in 1983; the other in 2008 and the change in the man couldn’t be greater or more devastating. In the...
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Posted Apr. 21, 2009


I often espouse the notion that ‘original’ or ‘unique’ are words all too often used in music criticism, yet if there’s one band in the world with a singular voice it’s Black Dice. Despite this, their new album is testament to the fact that even the most innovative of musicians...
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Posted Feb. 24, 2009

The Fresher

The Fresher is a calling card on digital video of a significant new talent. World take note, Daniel Montanarini has arrived and he’s going nowhere until you do the right thing and give him all your attention and money. It’s a sixteen-minute masterwork wherein Montanarini esoterically distils the experience of...
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Posted Feb. 24, 2009

Numbers Lucent [EP]

Last year in this publication I wrote an epic page-long review for the latest Squarepusher L.P., Just A Souvenir, in which I bemoaned the descent of my favourite musician from innovator par-excellence to derivative rock poseur. Imagine how happy I was, then, when I heard that his next release would...
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Posted Jan. 27, 2009

Ephemeral Exhibits

While the American DJ/ Rupture has been propagating the Skull Disco school of dubstep – with emphasis very much on the DUB – for quite some time now (see his recent mix Uproot, which made many a critic’s – including yours truly’s – albums of the year list), there hasn’t...
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Posted Jan. 13, 2009

Eero Johannes

Does anyone not want to be a pop star? I recently heard the new tracks on Tim Exile’s myspace and he sounds like Calvin Harris. Well, that’s perhaps something of an exaggeration but electro-pop with lyrics about the credit crunch is about as far from the chaotically playful breakcore which...
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Posted Nov. 25, 2008

Just a Souvenir

This review would probably be better informed if I was an authority on 70s funk and prog-rock. Sadly I am not, although I do consider myself something of an authority on modern electronica. Due to this, I simultaneously deify Thomas Jenkinson (Anyone who claims that a betterfive-minute pop song than...
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Posted Oct. 14, 2008

Gular Flutter

Significant women in electronic music are hard to come by. With notable exceptions such as The Doubtful Guest, Mira Calix, and Colleen, the artists and audience of the genre are predominately male and thereby the issue of gender will unfortunately often overshadow an objective appreciation of the work. In the...
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Posted Sep. 29, 2008